"As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever." Clarence Darrow
"As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs,and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever."Clarence Darrow

The following is a partial list of GLG victories in felony criminal cases.  In each case the defendant was acquitted of all felony charges.

Detailing the specifics of so many victories would exceed this website's capacity; however, the "Case Trials" link above includes a few examples of cases with more detailed information. 

  • Abel M: Assault and Mayhem with great Bodily Injury
  • Ana A: Child Abuse/Neglect
  • Arm. A Kidnapping for Rape, Use of Deadly Weapon
  • Art. Ma Armed Robbery
  • Art. M Domestic Violence
  • Binh H Child Abuse/Neglect
  • Bruce M Assault causing GBI
  • Brian P Auto theft
  • Bryan C 3rd strike
  • Carl C Domestic Violence, GBI
  • Dan V Firearm in a School Zone
  • Danl W Arson of a Structure; Terrorist Threats
  • David C Assault Causing GBI
  • Dennis R Stalking
  • Dom. G Possession for Sale/Transportation
  • Elias H Felony Dui Causing GBI
  • Eric H Felony Dui Causing GBI
  • Eric M Grand Theft
  • Evar. M Domestic Violence, GBI
  • Fran. M Assault w/a Deadly Weapon, Terrorist Threats
  • Franc. U Statutory Rape
  • Gabe S Possess Firearm to Benefit Criminal Street Gang
  • Gina N Elder Abuse, Terrorist Threats
  • Greg P Sexually Violent Predator
  • Guill. C Firearm, Criminal Street Gang
  • Isaiah M Deadly Weapon in Jail
  • Jaime A Possess Firearm to Benefit Criminal Street Gang
  • James L Attempt Murder, Assault w/a Deadly Weapon, GBI
  • Jay L Assault With a Firearm/ Terrorist Threat
  • Jay L Refile Assault With a Firearm/ Terrorist Threat
  • John C Commercial Burglary, Grand Theft
  • Jorge E 3rd Strike
  • Jorge H Residential Burglary
  • Jose B Firearm in School Zone, Criminal Street Gang
  • Jose F Felony Dui Causing Injury
  • Jose G 3rd strike Jose L 3rd strike
  • Jose S Auto Theft
  • Jose M Two Child Molests
  • Jose M Refile Two Child Molests
  • Juan M Murder To Benefit Criminal Street Gang
  • Ken G 3rd Strike
  • Kevin K Narcotic Possession, State Prison Priors
  • Leslie B Robbery
  • Lori V Domestic Violence
  • Mario S Attempt Murder, Assault w/a firearm, Gang
  • Mike M Four Armed Robberies, Criminal Street Gang
  • Mike R Receiving Stolen Property
  • Mike W Perjury, Grand Theft, Fraud
  • Miguel R Narcotic Possession Armed With Loaded Handgun
  • Oscar H Three Robberies, Gun Use, Knife Use
  • Paris M Possession for Sale 2 ½ Kilos Cocaine
  • Pedro C Residential Burglary, Sexual Assault
  • Phillip T Narcotic Possession
  • Rami. G Firearm benefiting Criminal Street Gang
  • Ram. T Felony Dui Causing Injury
  • Raul L Domestic Violence, Assault w/a Knife
  • Raym. D Forcible Rape, Forcible Sodomy, Kidnapping, GBI
  • Rebek. S Fraud/Practicing Psychology Without License
  • Reyes G First Degree Murder
  • Rich M Narcotics Possession
  • Rich R 3rd Strike Rob W Sexually Violent Predator
  • Russ A Possession for Sale
  • Russ W Auto Theft, False Report of Crime
  • Sergio N Statutory Rape
  • Sergio R Four Child Molests, Six Forcible Oral Copulations
  • Sheld B Auto Theft, Fraud
  • Sheri M Residential Burglary, Grand Theft
  • Sunjay S Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Tagel M Dom. Violence, Assault W/A Deadly Weapon, GBI
  • Thea C Marijuana Cultivation
  • Tim C Grand Theft, Fraud, Elder Abuse
  • Tracy G Brandishing a Firearm at a Motor Vehicle
  • Tuan N Domestic Violence
  • Many more.

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